Real Estate Web Site Improvement

The Panda Update has had a strong effect on many websites and realtors may begin to feel the pinch now.  More large sites with plenty of MLS listings inevitably will be hit by successive Panda iterations. So what are you to do if your site is hit?

It won’t hurt to read Google content improvement tips however that’s hardly enough to become a Google dominator, which Google may not be interested in allowing your site to become.  Google has many algorithm updates and some of their index filters have attempted to evaluate content and site quality. It’s a never ending battle for them and as they bulldoze the search landscape, more innocent site owners get caught under their wheels.

Having a large real estate is important. Here’s the main things you can do to improve your chances of utilizing a large site and building excellent traffic:

  • Create original content – be creative in discussing homes, condos, and transaction issues
  • Have inbound links from other websites pointing deeper into that content
  • Utilize a blog, and have your SEO provider create the blog content (it has to be optimized content and keyword relevant)
  • Write your content using synonyms, stemmed variations, and related topics
  • Vary your internal linking – uniqueness in everything is wise
  • Don’t rely on repetitive navigation menus – instead build your navigation into your body text
  • Don’t use rel=nofollows on your outbound links – it wastes pagerank
  • Link deep into your content from the homepage
  • Use different page designs for different sections of your site – variety is good.

Obviously, the key to success in SEO is in creating a large volume of well optimized content. The use of keywords etc is a tricky matter. A good SEO is mindful of Google’s vast number of filters which can ruin your efforts. Avoiding filters such as the Panda Update is important to long term success. At any time, Google could come out with a new filter or algo update that can ruin your rankings or make it difficult for you to rank for a specific keyword phrase you’re after. You won’t win with a sledgehammer or by praying in the digital realm. You’ll need a screwdriver, wrench and some product schematics to fix your rankings. Hopefully, you’ve got a good SEO to work with!

Learn more about Real Estate Marketing and how to maximize Real Estate Leads.


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