Google Panda and your MLS Listings

In February, Google rolled out a change in how it indexes and ranks web pages. Industry people dubbed it the Panda update. Real Estate agents need to understand more about this update because it will limit the potential of real estate site traffic. Google Panda generated huge traffic losses for millions of websites. Although this wasn’t a major change in their algorithm, it was important for real estate agents who use feeds from their local MLS listing provider.

When Google spiders an agent’s mls listings on his or her website, it is getting pretty well the same listings word for word on many different agent websites. The mls listings are basically duplicated from site to site whether you’re using the Los Angeles MLS, Dallas MLS, HAR MLS, San Diego MLS, or Vancouver MLS systems. To Google, Yahoo or Bing, that represents a lot of duplicate content cluttering up their index. Previously, they were tolerant of such duplication, but increasingly they are deindexing or reducing the rankings of these pages. The loss of traffic from MLS listings is a terrible loss for many agents now realizing that they will need to start producing unique content on their web sites.

We all know that generating unique web site content is not easy. And it involves more than just getting a low priced copywriter to churn out keyword loaded blather. Google knows this is happening is looking for that type of content too. What Google respects to be “unique content” is complex. Their algorithm studies the content’s wording, style, linking patterns, keyword density and more. They compare pages on your site to find what they believe are redundant pages.

There’s no way around it really. If you’re going to rely on your mls listings for traffic, you will need to hire someone to make those pages unique. That’s just one reason why hiring a dedicated SEO service provider like Realty Market Leader is so important. It’s not just a matter of being a leader, it’s about staying in the game now.

Too many agents rely on such easy traffic and many others don’t realize how much traffic and leads can be generated with a good website, PPC and SEO effort. Those who do have seen their traffic drop but after a short period of depression and mourning, they’ll right back at it – aiming to be the dominant agent in their market. They’re smart business people first, real estate agents second.

Avoid the Google Panda real estate MLS problem, and power up your SEO and paid online real estate marketing with our professional and dedicated services. Step up to the level of committment you need to build hundreds of thousands in commisssions. Our other clients have and they love it!


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