For Sale by Owner Movie

Here’s a thriller made on the cheap, as befitting the for sale by owner theme. And it’s called For Sale by Owner. The tagline is “be careful who you let in.” I’m sure it’s a favorite of all FSBO sellers. Made in 2005, the story is about a woman who is selling her own home just as a ferocious storm is approaching. Local town residents are warned that a crazed serial killer is on the loose, one who carves the number 13 into his victim’s chests. How would you like to negotiate price with him?

Are you selling your home for sale by owner? These days, you’ll want to reconsider why a real estate agent is a better. Studies have shown that FSBO sales are for lower prices and if your property is off the beaten path and is in need of repair, you could end up losing more on the final price. If you’re desperate to sell, FSBO can be really risky.


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