Mobile Apps for Real Estate MLS Listings

Mobile Home Search for iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, or Android

Not much attention is being focused on mobile apps for real estate however with home buyers using their mobile browsers when they’re driving in their cars, it’s smart to build MLS listing apps to help them find properties. It’s very handy for buying prospects to use these apps as they drive through a neighbourhood. The apps display MLS listings in each city.

Discover more about the iPad 3 hi res screen and Siri assistant which expected to be integrated into the new version.

You can search anywhere in the US using the Trulia MLS Search app, Zillow MLS search app, Zip Realty MLS app, or the Loopnet MLS app. Each one shows MLS listings on a map with the details. Each app displays the same homes and condos for sale. Which one you prefer might come down to which color you prefer.

See these reviews of individual real estate apps from Zillow, ZipRealty, Trulia, and Loopnet.

Canadian home buyers have the app to download, however it may not be as useful as you need.

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