Moving to Vancouver – You Don’t need a reason

If you’ve heard a lot about Vancouver from watching the Olympics, or you’ve see travel shows about Vancouver or read how various travel magazines have named it the most livable city, you should know it’s an interesting place. From seascapes to soaring white capped mountains to cozy boutique shopping and the wall of condo buildings, it has a look and feel all its own. It’s not until you visit, that you get why so many people talk so glowingly about this city.

If you’re Canadian, it doesn’t take much encouragement to make the move to Vancouver. Of course, if the econonomy continues to lag, employment could be an issue. If you’re wealthy though, you’d be very wise to sample a taste of Vancouver. It’s got all the living you’ll ever want. Whether you’re the artzy type, outdoors type, athletic type or seafaring and fishing type, Vancouver has a lifestyle for you. Too many people watch their lives slide away and never take that chance to travel to an exciting new place. Vancouver offers so much for an individual or a family. The fact the city is nestled amongst the Coastal mountain range, is reason enough to make it your new home. Consider how your health will improve and how much more active you’ll be.

Vancouver has Canada’s best climate, although people in Kelowna might argue that. This summer, why not take a drive out West to Vancouver, or fly out for a week vacation? Take a good look at the City and its communities. You’ll be impressed with its character. There’s some great sites such as the view from atop of Grouse Mountain or downtown at BC Place where you can watch the seaplanes land and takeoff.

Learn more about Vancouver at Vancouver Attractions Website. Search for homes on the Vancouver MLS Listings.


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