Vancouver Canucks Look Like they Could Win the Cup This Year

Something Different About Vancouver This Year

If you don’t follow the sport of hockey, you might not be aware of one teams struggles to improve and become a contender for the NHL championship. Typically, a small number of teams win the Stanley Cup such as the Montreal Canadiens, Pittsburgh Penguins, Edmonton Oilers, and Detroit Red Wings. The Vancouver Canucks have reached the final series but haven’t won it. This year, the team looks good enough and mature enough to come out on top.

If the Pittsburgh Penguins had an injury free squad, I wouldn’t be so quick to pick the Canucks. The 2011 team is very good with solid all round play. They happen to be the number on team in the NHL, but that doesn’t always translate to a win. Sometimes, top teams get ahead of themselves and forget that they have to keep working. That’s an opportunity for an underdog to knock them off. If the Canucks face either the Detroit Red Wings or the Pittsburgh Penguins, they’ll be considered the underdog.

The Canucks style of play is entertaining, they control the puck well and capitalize on their opportunities. Lots of lucky goals? I think that luck comes from hard work that increases the likelihood the puck is going to get to the back of the net somehow. The spirit of Vancouver and the Canuck fans seems very different than 20 or 30 years ago. Maybe its the new rink, the afterglow of the Olympics, or it could be just the Green Guys.

Vancouver Green Guys

The Green Guys, named Force and Sully, have been one of the most creative team mascots and promotional techniques in pro sports. There’s no one like them on TV anyway, and they’ve garnered a lot of press and social media play.

I’m sure if you had the Green Guys standing outside your open house, you’d have a few people coming in. Promotions are effective if they’re unusual and the icon or mascot is credible. There are online marketing corollaries, but to avoid seeming gimmicky, you’d have to play up the fun side. How about Green Guy doll handouts? Okay just kidding, but if you’ve got some good ideas for promotions, I’d like to hear them. Right now, I want to watch the Canucks play, and hopefully move on to win the Cup.

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