Canada Federal Election – Good for Real Estate Industry?

Canada Election is Called for May 2nd

Well,  Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have had the new budget rejected and now Canada is headed for a spring election. There’s lots of talk about a coalition government of some kind, or at least the Federal parties combining to get control. Almost all of them reject a coalition but I’m wondering why they would drop the idea if it would allow them to gain power. What do the Liberals have to lose? They’re not going to win on their own and polls suggest no one likes Ignatieff. However, those smear ads about Ignatieff might actually stir up sympathy for him. If he keeps his composure in public and talks like a true Canadian, the Liberals might faire better than anyone expects.

How about you as a real estate sale professional? Do you think a liberal government would deliberately revive the real estate sector?  Are the conservatives right to suppress the industry in order to control the threat of inflation. Is Flaherty’s suggestion that bad times are head  a reality or are they just trying to keep the Canadian dollar from really getting too high? Do you trust the Conservatives?

What would you have the new government do to revive the real estate sector or to revive the economies in Ontario and Quebec?


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