Demand Media comes back after Google Slap

Demand media is the owner of,  a site that suddenly saw its traffic plummet when Google altered its search engine algorithm recently.  Google changed its algorithm after strategically delivered complaints from several groups had charged them with deliberately displaying poor quality results to users — because those sites were more profitable to Google’s revenue machine. The claim was that these websites had lots of Google ads on them and therefore it was profitable to send searchers to them. 

This update is being called the Farmer update, alluding to the millions of sites who have duplicate, poor quality content, generated mostly to manipulate search engines. In the end, it won’t end these content farms, it will just make them work harder on their content so that it appears unique and useful. was said to be one of those poor quality websites and they reportedly took a big traffic hit.  It was the web’s 90th most visited site, offering news and views, and fairly empty pages on any topic under the sun. They did deserve to get zapped. USA Today reported Demand Media is responding by giving the site a new design. That won’t make up for all the traffic Google was sending its way. Demand Media is a content provider for USA Today.

Demand Media actually had hired hundreds of people to write quick articles on all kinds of topics and then used SEO to build rankings on Google’s search results.  Apparently, one of the articles suggested that drinking water was good for chest pain. You can see how this type of quickie content can raise complaints.

One analyst quoted as saying “Demand Media’s success at content written in a way to ensure good search engine optimization is something all media companies have to pay close attention to. They write content that is commercially viable… a big change from the way journalism has long been done.”

The lesson for you and your website is that lots of content is important, however you should know Google is discounting material that is similar to other pages. It’s culling the redundancy in content on the web. It detects redundant content by counting all the keywords in the page including headings, copy, and text links. An SEO’s challenge is to write content that will pass these duplicate filters used and avoid so called over-optimization filters and penalties. Yes the realm of SEO has its complications.

A good portion of web traffic comes via all these subpages that have content in them so it is important for you to utilize lots of content on your site.

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