The Quest for Excellence in Real Estate has to be more than a Slogan

The Quest for Excellence

This particular saying is one consumers have heard for eons. They may not have ever even thought about buying a house or condo yet they see it in brokerage and agent advertising on billboards, bus benches, newspapers, and door hangers. Most people just think “What are these real estate agents trying so hard to be excellent at”? Is this just one of those advertising things? Yes, it is an advertising thing. Homebuyers and sellers wonder how credible that statement really is if there’s no supporting material. How can the buyer or home seller really know if the agent is an excellent performer? Your state or local real estate boards are tuned into the deception and overstatements. Can you say top, number one, or best without getting into a lot of trouble?

If anyone, particularly home sellers these days are going to believe this claim and consider you a great real estate agent, the theme of “excellence” and top performer has to be genuinely woven into your actions, results, and marketing materials. Testimonials, nice pictures of you and your team in confident poses, and lots of listings displayed, and an about ME page can all help. It’s all part of agent branding.

Consumers are sophisticated though. They can’t be fooled which is why you have to be the excellent agent in all your actions and marketing collateral. You have to demonstrate it by showing you actually do everything to sell homes, show them the results, and indicate how you did it. By doing all of these sales, prospecting, brand building, communications and marketing activies, it becomes second nature to you. That’s when your personal brand really does stand for excellence and others can see it.

That’s what we hope to help you with. Filling in gaps, building quality content, and creating online visibility and showing how you are the leader in online real estate marketing. And you don’t stop there. You must be aggressive and be one step ahead of your prospect. If they see your overall competence and awareness of marketing channels is high, you make it easy for them to choose you. Even if they don’t like you, they may be very impressed that you are still the best and the one who will get the best results.

If you’re going to be a credible leader, you’ll want to be an innovator in adopting mobile real estate solutions like QR bar codes, SMS alerts, Adwords advertising, MLS listings, social media communications, and even web design. Your prospects are looking to you for leadership and that’s where Realty Market Leader comes in. Time to inquire about a packaged service that gives you everything you need to become the leader in your market. Excellence won’t be just a slogan anymore.


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