Homepage Optimization – Key to Converting Leads

Homepage Strategy – Generating a Lead

After you’ve built a substantial flow of traffic from Google, Kijiji, Craigslist, TV ads, newspaper ads, and other community and real estate related websites, you have to convert these visitors to leads. This is one of the most difficult aspects of online real estate marketing. Your homepage is usually the most viewed page on the site. Even if people arrive through a subpage, they often go to the homepage to see if there’s something of value there. The visitor may want to see who you are and get a feel for you as a real estate agent. There’s a lot to building an effective homepage and if your website design makes you look like just another run of the mill agent, you need to do something about it. The homepage is the key to converting leads.

Most real estate websites are awful. They look bad and there is no converson strategy in place. Most are templated sites and were designed for simple content presentation and navigation. Not only do they harm the brokerage’s brand image, they serve to make an agent look amateurish and ineffective. The homepage too often lacks any compelling content other than a couple of the agent’s listings. Agents often argue that their website doesn’t create leads or sell homes so why put the effort into it? Your clients and suspects/prospects will see your homepage. They will search for your name and arrive on your site. If they’re not impressed, they’ll leave and find another agent. Your homepage has to convert that visit. It may be one you’ve worked hard for. The difference in optimizing your homepage to you could be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It could be that building your homepage to display your listings is not a good strategy. You’ll be fortunate if one out of every 1000 visitors finds any of your homes interesting, and potential home sellers won’t find them interesting at all. Your home page is the perfect place to capture home sellers. You live on listings so you want to ensure your all important homepage get home sellers excited about what you can do for them. It’s a listings generator. Feature one home. It demonstrates how you promote it well and it encourages your clients to push for the premium treatment from you.

Your home page should present a few listings well demonstrating your care and attention. They’re visualizing whether their listing will be effective and whether you’ll make it effective. Your unique value proposition (not your selling proposition) needs to be clear. You’re the agent who is best able to sell their house quick for the best price. Show them how you sell homes and let them see the homes you’ve sold. It’s best to reword your sold home descriptions and even indicate how you sold the home. The seller is the only one interested in your sold home listings. Write them for them.

Ensure they get to your about me page. This is where you let them know something about you. Real estate is a personal business so you can’t hide from your prospects. Also ensure they see your blog. This is where you can introduce them to your sales success strategy and immerse them in some of your challenges, real world issues and sales successes. Let them see your open houses and discuss how previous open houses resulted in sales.

If you cover neighbourhoods and communities in your city, have links on your home page to the most important communities. Ensure you have some intimate content in those pages to show you really know them and are connected to what’s happening in them. Better still, show how you are generous to the community. Maybe show how you’ve sponsored a kids sports team and perhaps a small picture of the team. Recommend others such as a good landscaper, daycare center, or other professional. Demonstrate integrity and being positive and generous.

Now that you have their Attention, Interest, and made them Desire to contact you, you need a call to action. Just including your phone number may not be enough. They may be still reluctant after you’ve done everything. Maybe they really want to try to sell FSBO or another agent has just contacted them. Ask them something specific to get their mind on details of you selling their home. How about “what will your home look like in our video ads”, or “would you like FREE ads on Google?”

Mediocrity doesn’t sell. A mediocre homepage with no conversion strategy is the surest way to see your visitors come and go. It wastes valuable prospecting work you’ve done and leaves an impression that you arent’ the very best real estate salesperson. Let’s get your homepage optimized now. — Contact Realty Market Leaders – your personal real estate marketing manager.


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