Google Updates

Google Updates Google Rankings are fairly stable however every once in a while Google alters how it indexes and ranks its search results. These updates can take even established websites by surprise and drop their rankings and/or overall traffic. When it happens, it can result big losses for some websites who took their rankings for granted.  Even high quality, expert SEO managed sites can be affected as the shockwave goes through Google’s full index. It’s not fair but it happens.

The most recent change was spawned by a number of people and groups who charged Google with supporting poor search results. Google and their chief engineer had already stated that Google’s search results were the best so it was a little embarassing for them. The jist of the complaints were that poor quality websites were showing up in the results too often. The real purpose of the complaints was that these poor quality websites were actually supporting the rankings of many sites that were ranking in the top 10 rankings in Google searches. So it was a competitive move to attempt to undermine their competitor’s rankings by putting pressure on Google to delete the sites where they were getting their supporting inbound links.

How many people really care whether there’s a few spammy sites in the results (and there aren’t many in the top 10 results)? No one. It is all a competitive play. However, to make this charge/complaint effective, they claimed that Google was benefitting financially from having all these sites show in the search results, because they said, many of them had Google adwords advertisements displayed on them. So, they charged that Google was deliberately seeding its results with sites that carried their ads — hence pushing up their profits. Google did indeed take action and some sites saw their rankings drop suddenly. That’s not a good outcome if you’ve spent a lot of time writing articles and press releases to be displayed on these so called non-valuable websites.

Previous Google updates targeted duplicate content and in fact Google has tried to cull out a lot of syndicated content and other deliberately duplicated content. Some content is stolen. I’ve had to contact website owners who copied content from my sites and used on theirs. It was a deliberate attempt to take my content either to acquire traffic that was looking for my sites, or perhaps to undermine my site’s rankings.

Original content is costly to produce and some copywriters and webmasters simply don’t have the resources, knowledge, time or skill to create that content themselves. Google was trying to address this problem too. This last Google update really targets some sites that create a lot of similar content only in the hope to catch traffic and get visitors to click on ads.

I just conducted several medical related searches.  (pinched nerves) was the topic and I was presented with a number of sites that had very little content and basically had one line of text that said “has anyone had pinched nerves?” That’s not very helpful to someone looking for solutions or answers. One of these sites oddly enough was It seems they’ve got more questions than answers. was one of the sites people complained about. As a market leading agent, you need ranking stability. Shallow link building efforts will leave your site vulnerable to Google algorithm changes. An agent that commits to making all online marketing channels and even local connections productive will create the diversity of inbound links and site content that creates consistent high rankings. Link building is an important facet of our SEO Services. It’s something that is vastly underappreciated. Most people will not invest sufficiently in this which is why their site ranks poorly or only for  a short time.

You need volume and quality of links and that is big job. Just one of those projects that you need to be committed to.

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